Probate / Estate Appraisal

Probate is a document issued by the court verifying a person’s Will’s validity and confirming the appointment of an Executor to administer a deceased estate. As a deceased person cannot preserve financials, personal assets or property it is important that their affairs are administered and managed in an effective and timely manner. 

At this upsetting time a property valuation can offer financial certainty by providing a market value of property involved in the estate.

We have vast experience in undertaking probate/estate valuations in the East and South East metropolitan Melbourne area and Mornington Peninsula.

Our Valuers undertake a detailed, full inspection on each property to assess the size and value of the subject land, buildings and secondary improvements in addition to assessing any other factors that may influence the market value of the property.

This information together with our extensive research of relevant comparable sales evidence is compiled into a full valuation report for each property.

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